Fire protection

Fire protection of building structures is a type of protection that a person almost doesn't notice when being in a building. This fire protection does not turn on or activate when necessary by itself, but is part of a very complex system that must always be ready and effective at all times. There are many compatible solutions with proven and officially certified products, such as flame retardant materials and technical insulation, from the world's largest suppliers.  
O3 Company

TRIOFLAME fire protection materials combine efficiency and excellent painting and technological characteristics at par with those produced by the world industry leaders. TRIOFLAME materials increase the fire resistance of steel structures up to 120 minutes in cellulosic and hydrocarbon fires. The O3…


SIKA – Sika’s purpose is to anticipate and meet future challenges by providing reliable, innovative, sustainable and long lasting solutions in the construction, building, and manufacturing industries. In everything we do, we provide a seal of quality which our employees,…


Leading international company producing fire-proof plastering materials known under the Cafco brand.  Specialists around the world trust and use fire protection under the Cafco ISOLATEK Typ MII or Cafco ISOLATEK 300 brand. Some of the major tunnel projects where the…


PROMAT is the world’s largest manufacturer of flame-retardant materials and high-temperature insulation materials. Types of flame-retardant materials: Flame retardant building boards – universal flame-retardant building material. The boards are used to protect the supporting structures made of steel, reinforced concrete,…


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