KITO® Explosion Proof Flame Arresters for storing and transporting explosive liquids, vapours and gases.

KITO® has been the leading manufacturer of flame arresters for over 80 years. KITO® products are tested in accordance with international standards DIN EN ISO and are supplied with a declaration of compliance with CE requirements.

Special applications for KITO® fittings:

  • For rail tank cars, special KITO® valves of very low structure have been developed. Models are available for overpressure, for overpressure/vacuum pressure and combination with bypass connection.
  • The delivery programme also includes models without a flame arrester element and special versions for harsh environments.
  • Special devices with flame arresters are manufactured for tank containers and tank trucks.
  • Along with anti-knock fuses, overpressure valves, vacuum pressure valves and combination valves are supplied. They meet the current requirements for tanks according to ADR Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Road (GGVSE) and RID Regulations for the Transport of Dangerous Goods by Rail (GGVSE).

Other KITO® devices:

  • In addition to fire resistant fittings manufactured according to the European standard, KITO manufactures various types of pipe and end valves with very low operation pressure.
  • It is possible to manufacture additional equipment and special models, such as electric, water or steam heating systems, with inductive sensors according to customer specification.
  • Supply of fittings from special materials, for example, from plastic or from materials with high resistance to aggressive environments, as well as fittings with a special design.

Types of devices:

  • KITO® explosion and fireproof end of line devices.
  • KITO® anti-knock fittings.
  • KITO® Anti-deflagration fittings.