For over 40 years now, REMBE® has been one of the world’s leading solutions for the effective release of overpressure. REMBE® rupture disks are distinguished by the high quality “Made in Germany” and “Fast Order Service” – to replace products as soon as possible. REMBE® specialists can immediately identify the rupture disc that is used in your production and produce a spare one with the same specifications. Therefore, REMBE® will ensure a quick and cost-effective continuation of your production process without long downtimes..

KUB® The world’s first rupture disc with the possibility of multiple assembly and disassembly without disrupting its functions

KUB® is the strongest and most reliable rupture disc on the market!

The KUB® disc is the ideal solution for protecting various complex industrial processes from low to high overpressure and vacuums, for example when working with a liquid, gas or steam, as well as when working with a two-phase flow. It is used as a primary pressure relief device, as well as a secondary pressure relief device for isolating and protecting safety valves.

IKB® buckling membrane with patented manufacturing method

IKB® has been designed to reliably protect against overpressure and vacuums of pressure vessels, piping systems, gas cylinders and reactors. It is applicable in conditions of medium and high pressure, on gas and steam installations, in liquid environments, as well as for isolation of safety valves. Maximum load in relation to the operating pressure of IKB® have a maximum amount of 90%.

Thanks to the patented manufacturing method, an instantaneous, full, shatter-free rupture of the disk to a full cross section is ensured. Mechanically developed cuts or knife designs that greatly reduce the quality of the rupture disc are not required.

STAR from low to high overpressure

STAR is used in the oil and gas, petrochemical and chemical industries, in CNG and variable pressure processes. The operating pressure is a maximum of 80% of the minimum response pressure of the disks. When using STAR with opening pressure up to 1 bar, the disk can be installed directly between the flanges.

The manufacturing method used guarantees a virtually non-shattering rupture even at maximum pressures. STAR is broken in the shape of a star and therefore has a flatter execution, unlike other rupture disks. Multi-layered design and built-in vacuum support provide the necessary resistance to vacuums.

Rupture Disc Holder

REMBE® guarantees you optimum installation and proper functioning of the rupture disc. Due to the special design of the various REMBE® holders, the erroneous installation of the corresponding rupture disc holder excludes:

  • KUB® and IKB® rupture disc holders are equipped with a centring pin that eliminates improper mounting of the disk.
  • All other rupture disc holders, by means of different internal diameters of the inlet and outlet sections, ensure correct installation of the disk.