Responsible business conduct

Promex FP LLP adheres to the standards of responsible business conduct in accordance with the OECD Guidelines, related to the human rights, labor and industrial relations, environmental protection and other issues.

Environmental responsibility

We are distributors of the companies that ensure environmental compliance at all the manufacturing stages.

Product safety

The equipment we supply is certified and complies with international standards in the field of health, safety and environmental protection.

Modern technologies

Modern technologies and high-quality materials of the equipment we offer is a guaranteed long lifetime, reliability, high wear resistance and operation comfort.

01.Responsible business conduct
02.Environmental responsibility
03.Product safety
04.Modern technologies


Promex FP LLP is official and exclusive distributor of "TiSO - Production" LLC, Braunschweiger Flammenfilter GmbH (PROTEGO), Rembe GmbH, Mircea Tudor Scan Tech SA and Haeusler AG in Kazakhstan.

Promex FP LLP is a company with 14 years of experience in high-quality equipment supplying and outfit, related to the access control systems, perimeter defense, wind turbine towers and safety & environment.