TiSO is a global manufacturer of physical security equipment and systems. Founded in 1996, TiSO designs and manufactures a wide range of turnstiles, anti-terrorism equipment such as bollards and road blockers. To date, TiSO equipment has been installed in more than 100 countries and 30,000+ objects.


Since 1954, PROTEGO® has been manufacturing breathing valves, flame arresters and skimmers for tanks and pipelines. Today, PROTEGO® brand equipment is used in many industrial sectors and is recognized as the most reliable engineering solution with high requirements for quality, tightness, a high degree of explosion protection and environmental safety. All PROTEGO equipment can be modified according to individual customer requirements.


Rembe's mission since 1973 has been to provide the best protection and perfect safety for production systems and processes. Rembe products are licensed in accordance with internationally recognised standards and regulations as well as SIL (Safety Integrity Level) requirements for mechanical (non-flame) explosion protection products and signaling devices. Rembe's wide range of products guarantees a cost-effective and reliable solution to your request.


Mircea Tudor Scan Tech has the most modern factory for the production of cargo and aircraft scanners in Switzerland, including a test site and its own research and development center, which includes 11 laboratories. For more than two decades, Mircea Tudor Scan Tech has been providing security in air, sea and land transport. Mircea Tudor Scan Tech provides safe, reliable and innovative scanning solutions for critical industries such as aviation, border control, ground transportation and logistics management.


HAEUSLER (Switzerland) is one of the world's leading companies in the field of metal forming, an innovator in the metalworking industry and related welding technologies. The company's products include three- and four-roll plate bending machines (sheet thickness up to 320 mm), as well as roll forming, flanging, straightening, calibrating, heading, clamping and welding machines. The scope of products includes the oil and gas, automotive, aircraft and shipbuilding, as well as energy industries. HAEUSLER's portfolio includes successful deliveries to 108 countries, more than 20 projects as a general contractor with a contract value of 20–80 million US dollars, as well as orders completed for such clients as General Electric, McDermott, Caterpillar, John Deere, Daimler, Michelin , Alstom, DAF, ZTZ, TMK, Hyundai, Otis, Samsung, etc.